Is It Okay To Do Only Half A Mouthful Of Orthodontics?

1. There are a few irregularities under my teeth, but the upper teeth are okay, can I only do half-mouth orthodontics? I only have a few missing teeth. Can I correct only these few?

I’ve heard a lot of questions like this. Today, I will tell you about it. First of all, we must know clearly: Correction is not just a simple arrangement of teeth. It is more important to consider the occlusal relationship during the correction Under the premise of the chewing function of the teeth themselves, the teeth become more beautiful and healthier.

From the standpoint of professional orthodontics, only half-mouth orthodontics can easily cause problems in the occlusion of the upper and lower jaw teeth, which will lead to failure of the correction.

Mouthful Orthodontics

So what’s the harm in doing only half mouth correction?

1. Affect chewing function

When only part of the correction is done, the occlusal relationship between the upper and lower jaw cannot be corrected artificially, so the occlusion will be worse after the correction, which affects the chewing of the teeth, which leads to the deterioration of the digestive mechanism.

2. Causes facial soft tissue problems

Disorders of occlusal balance can cause facial soft tissue problems, such as muscle problems, facial stiffness, and reduced facial softness.

3. The correction effect is unstable and easy to relapse

The alignment between the teeth and the teeth is inconsistent, the occlusal relationship will not be stable, and the occlusal function will not be very good in the future. Over time, the dentition will gradually recur and become irregular again.

4.Cause oral disease

Disorders of occlusal balance can cause periodontal disease, pain in the temporomandibular joint area, even unexplained headaches, and wedge-shaped defects in most posterior teeth.

5. Loose teeth

Teeth are prone to occlusal trauma, which can cause teeth to loosen and fall.

Half A Mouthful Of Orthodontics

So is it impossible to do half mouth correction at all?

Of course, it cannot be completely denied. The semi-oral correction has very strict requirements on the degree of tooth deformity:

If the occlusal relationship has been checked by a professional orthodontist and there is no problem, and the single row of teeth is also neatly arranged, just fine-tuning is enough, you can choose to do half mouth correction. Otherwise, it will cause occlusal disorder and it will be difficult to end up. In the future, it will inevitably undergo a full-mouth correction again, and the gain will not be worth the loss.

Orthodontics is not only for aligning the teeth but also for improving the occlusal function of the teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to listen to the treatment plan of the orthodontist and do full-mouth orthodontics.

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