These 9 Lifestyle Habits Will Make Your Teeth Healthier

1.Remove Food Stuffing Between The Teeth In Time

In the process of chewing food, food fibers are often caught between teeth, which are harmful to teeth and periodontal tissues. We can clean it by flossing and brushing our teeth to maintain oral hygiene.

2.Give Teeth Adequate Nutrition

The development of teeth is inseparable from various nutritious foods. Therefore, whether it is adults or children, the diet should be diversified and not a partial eclipse.

3.Develop Correct Chewing Habits

The correct chewing method is to use both sides or both sides alternately

4.Correct Bad Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Some infants and young children have their teeth misaligned and deformed due to the habits of sucking their thumbs, licking their teeth, clenching their teeth, opening their mouths to breathe, and biting their lips. Correcting bad habits is conducive to dental health.

5.Tea Is Good For Preventing Dental Caries

The main ingredient of tea to prevent dental caries is fluorine and catechol. Fluoride ions can change the hydroxyapatite in tooth enamel into fluorapatite, improve the structure of tooth enamel, and enhance its anti-acid effect; substances such as catechol can inhibit Streptococcus mutans in the oral cavity (that is, cariogenic bacteria). ) Proliferation. Drinking tea often or gargle with tea can play a role in protecting teeth and cleaning the mouth.

6.It Is Important To Brush Your Teeth Before Going To Bed

After a person falls asleep, bacteria can easily multiply when the temperature of the mouth and the amount of saliva secretion decrease. Fermentation of sugar produces acid, which corrodes teeth and forms cavities. Therefore, brush your teeth as thoroughly as possible before going to bed, which plays an important role in preventing dental diseases.

7.Some Drugs Are Harmful To The Health Of Teeth

Drugs such as tetracycline and chlortetracycline can make teeth yellow or underdeveloped tooth enamel, which is prone to dental caries in the future. Therefore, do not take these drugs in large quantities or for a long time.

8.Prevent Trauma

Do not use your teeth to bite hard objects, so as not to damage your teeth.

9.Regular Inspection

Checking your teeth regularly can prevent the growth of the dental disease. Adults are best to have a dental checkup once a year, and if the dental disease is found to be treated immediately.

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