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We are committed to providing better solutions for dental prostheses and supplying high-quality, affordable, and effective dental Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (A-PRF) centrifuge.

    DL4015 Dental Regenerative Centrifuge

    DL4015 - Dental Regenerative Centrifuge

    A smart blood concentrator with 4 quick-set buttons. The whole machine is guaranteed for 2 years, and the rotor is guaranteed for 5 years.

    DL4015 Centrifuge 01
    DL4015 Centrifuge Control Panel
    DL4015 Centrifuge 02
    DL4015 Centrifuge 03
    • Multiple certifications: CE (LVD & EMC), eTUVs, FCC and CFDA.
    • Powerful brushless motor, maintenance-free drive system.
    • Wide voltage design, the speed is not affected by voltage fluctuations.
    • High precision PID algorithm, stable speed accuracy ±10rpm.
    • The centrifugal temperature is indicated for over-temperature protection.
    • Unique two input methods: fixed parameters, and program group input.
    • Custom 1-9 groups of procedures, easy & fast to operate, won't cause errors because of frequent parameter changing.
    • High-level dynamic balance technology, low noise operation, low vibration.
    • The rotor can be autoclaved to avoid infection.

      DL4015 Centrifuge & Rotors Specification

      Centrifuge Photo

      Centrifuge Model NO.


      Dimensions (L*W*H)


      Speed Range

      300 ~ 4000 rpm,   step:10 rpm

      Speed Accuracy

      ±10 rpm

      RCF Range

      1 ~ 2000 * g,  step:10*g


      10 sec ~ 99 min, continue

      Program Number


      Function of Constant Temperature

      Keep the centrifugal temperature above 25 ℃

      Safety Devices

      Door interlock, Over-speed detector,Over temperature protection

      Power Requirements

      Single-phase, 110V - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A

      Rotors Photo

      Rotors Model NO.




      8×15ml or 12 blood collection tube

      6×15ml or12 blood collection tube




      Max Speed

      4000 rpm

      4000 rpm

      Max Diameter

      11.2 cm

      11.2 cm

      Max RCF



      Clinical Cases

      Clinical Cases

      The in vivo tests of our DL4015 A-PRF centrifuge show a faster vascularization after 2 weeks than with classic PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) the clinical results show more efficiency in soft and hard tissue healing.

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