Trausim Tissue Level Dental Implants (Straumann Compatible, Dia 3.3~4.8mm)


Our TL dental implant’s unique smooth neck collar allows soft tissue healing while osseointegration, thereby shortening the recovery time.

In addition, after the soft tissue is healed, the slightly rough and smooth neck design is conducive to better attachment of the soft tissue, forming a tight biological seal, thereby reducing the implantation complications caused by external factors.

  • Cold Drawn Grade IV Titanium
  • Machined Smooth Collar
  • Cylindrical D Design
  • SLA Surface Treatment
  • Straumann® Tissue Level Compatible

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TL Dental Implants Size Chart


Octagon Morse Taper Connection

S.L.A(sandblasted, large grit and acid etching) surface treatment leads to fast and stable osseointegration, ultra-clean surface, enable osteoblasts to attach to the implant surface.

Ra 2.5

Ra 2.5, S.L.A surface treatment ensures excellent roughness which increases the osseointegration area, guiding the osteoblast to adhere to the surface of implants.


Regular, Wide


Low, High


3.3mm, 4.1mm, 4.8mm


8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm


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